7/8/22 - Filming for PAPAGEI begins today (click for details)

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Shooting started today for PAPAGEI. Script by Carolin Karnuth with revisions by me. I produce and direct. Actors: Carolin Karnuth and Claudia Lietz.

16/4/22 - Filming for THE TOWER wrapped up (click for details)

Filming for DER TURM wrapped up today. I produce and co-direct with Lisa Flachmeyer, who also provided the script. Actors: Paul Walther and Lisa Flachmeyer, beautiful costumes by Erika Suech. The film now goes into post-production. 

31/3/22 - Official selection for HASE (click for details)

HASE qualified for Skepto International Film Festival in Cagliari and is a finalist in two categories! Congratulations to the entire team!

1/4/21 - New deal with streaming service (click for details)

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I’m happy to announce that starting today, you can stream HASE on the UAM TV platform.

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3673 submitted films, 25 finalists (including 2 Cannes finalists, one of them the Palm d’Or winner), 2 jury prizes… and one of those goes to HASE! Congratulations to the entire team!

25/9/19 - Filming for INTERSECTION wrapped up (click for details)

It’s a wrap! Today we finished shooting the SF film INTERSECTION by director Dan Silaghi. Pre-production by Tsuni Films (post-production will be done by another company). I also provided the cinematography.